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what is artmuse.com? 

Artmuse.com offers an affordable way to Collect the Art of contemporary Artists through limited and open edition prints. We are a curated gallery and dedicated to discovering unique, compelling, and talented Artists from around the world to showcase weekly. We look for Artists that show continuity within their vision and perspective. All of our Artists are committed to their pursuit and craft of artistic, philosophic, and intellectual discovery—maybe even have a twist of humor there too.

a personal note from the Founder:

Artmuse is a fulfillment of a personal dream started in 1997. As an Artist, Designer, and Photographer myself, I wanted to combine my life-long passion for the Visual Arts, interest to help Artists succeed, and connect Artists with Collectors. A traditional Art Gallery was not a good match for me, so I wanted to create a web-based Art Gallery. Though I had my domain name registered in 1997, the technology available then did not really support my idea, neither did the Collector culture, nor did I have the time or investment to make it happen.

My idea was to create a new model for Art to be accessible and affordable for anyone to Collect and enjoy Art. Art is often viewed as a luxury and only for the ultra-rich, which, in turn, excludes approximately 99% of the world. We all want real Art too! By making Art accessible and affordable via the Internet new Collectors are able to fill their life with new Art and Artists can continue making their Art. It is a winning combination for everyone.

Over the years I continued researching the possibilities of how to make my idea into a reality that it is sustainable, engaging to Artists and Collectors, and also personally fun for myself. Well, after 12 years, 2009 turned out to be the year of opportunities for all the key factors to come together. I now know that patience really is a virtue!

I am very thankful for the ongoing encouragement from family, my many friends, and even strangers (who are now friends) along the way. I have thoroughly enjoyed developing and building artmuse.com. I most enjoy discovering all the wonderful Artists, getting to know them and their Art. Also, I am very appreciative of all the Artists that took a chance on my gallery and believed it was a going to be a success. I look forward to meeting all the new Collectors next.

I firmly believe that Art brings beauty into your life on many levels. I would not want anyone to miss out on experiencing this beauty. I know you will enjoy meeting our new Artists weekly and be inspired to become an avid Art Collector for years to come.

Happy Collecting, 

Bonnie Glendinning
artmuse.com Founder and Curator

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