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What do you look for in an Artist?
We are dedicated to discovering unique, contemporary, and talented Artists from around the world to showcase. All of our Artists are committed to their artistic vision, philosophy, and craft. We are not looking for a particular style or medium, rather a combined continuity of intention, inspiration, execution of an artistic vision and perspective. The Art must work well in printed form, typically this includes drawing, mixed media, painting, photography, and watercolor among others.

Why is artmuse.com a curated gallery?
We chose to be a curated gallery to benefit both the Artist and Collector. By offering an edited selection of Art and Artists, the Artists are differentiated in a customized manner. Additionally, selectively showcasing diverse art allows the Collector unique options for their collection.

What type of Artists are you looking for?
Art comes in all kinds of mediums. We look at Painters, Watercolorists, Photographers, Designers, Illustrators, and much more. Please don’t hesitate to submit your Art for us to consider!

Why should an Artist list prints for sale on artmuse.com when they can do it themselves?
We want Artists to have a successful and life-long career. We believe that by showcasing with artmuse.com the Artist increases exposure to new Collectors. Other reasons: it is free, you are too busy to run your own store, we handle the printing, framing, and shipping, you will be a part of a select and high-caliber group of artists, you can supplement your income, and you can opt out.

Is there a fee to submit work or be showcased on artmuse.com?
There is no fee to submit your work for consideration. There is a one-time fee of $15.00 per image that will be showcased for prints. There is no fee for original art to be listed for sale.

Do I need to manage the inventory of my prints?
No. All prints are printed-on-demand, therefore there is no inventory to store or manage.

Will Collectors be able to know who I am?
Absolutely. Part of our mission is to establish a relationship between Artists and Collectors. We want them to learn about you as an Artist, enjoy your Art, and collect your Art throughout your career.

Will you just “push” product on the site?
Nope, no way, never. Art is to be savored, not consumed. Our intention is to showcase contemporary Art one Artist at a time. We believe the more Collectors can learn about you the Artist the greater their interest in collecting your art. We want our Collectors to be excited to meet each Artist and enjoy regularly collecting their Art to include in their life.

Will Artmuse promote the artwork featured on the website?
Yes, Artmuse does actively promote our website and featured artists through the use of digital newsletters, ads on popular websites, and through the use of social media. Additionally, Artmuse highly recommends to have your own artist portfolio site, even blog and perhaps tweet. It is a great way to have collectors learn even more about your art, philosophy, techniques, etc. There are many free and inexpensive easy to setup and use social media and blogging resources available. Some of the better known sites to consider are: Blogger, Facebook, Flickr, WordPress, Tumblr, Twitter, and TypePad.

How do I submit my Art for consideration?
Email the following information to artists@artmuse.com: 5 sample pieces (JPG, RGB, 100dpi*) with title, date, dimensions, media; Brief Bio (200 words max); Brief Statement (200 words max); and a link to your online portfolio. Only digital submissions will be accepted. There is no physical address to mail submissions to. *We will require much higher quality images from you if you are chosen to be showcased.

How will I know if my submission has been accepted to be showcased?
All submissions will be considered, yet not all will be chosen to be showcased. We will send you a confirmation email that we received your submission. If we feel you are a good fit to be showcased on artmuse.com we will let you know as soon as possible.

If chosen to be showcased, how can I send my high resolution art files to you?
Your high resolution art files can be quite large and not suitable to send via email. The art files used for archival prints can be larger than this, but required to be at least 300 dpi per 10", which equals 3000 pixel depth. The file format is JPG and color space is RGB. There are many sites that offer free disk space for transferring files. 

How do Artists benefit from the sales?
We love our Artists and want to help them create more art. As such, we believe in a thriving Artist and we happily offer a generous percentage of the sale of their prints, less our production costs. If an Artist sells the original Art via artmuse.com, they receive a 80% commission of the sale.

How much are the Art prints sold for?
The prints start at $25 for the smallest size and increase in price and size accordingly. All prices are in U.S. dollars (USD).

Why only $25 for Art?
We believe everyone benefits from having Art in their life. So, it is important to artmuse.com to provide real Art that is affordable for everyone. We are very excited to be able to offer such a high-quality Art print for your Collectors at such a great price!

What size are the Art prints?
Of course, we work with the original image dimensions of the Art. Trim sizes start at 14” and go up to 40". All unframed prints have a 2" border surrounding the image and framed prints have a 3" border. All dimensions are in U.S. inches.

Are the Art prints archival and high-quality?
Since we would not have it any other way—the answer is a resounding “Yes”. We work closely with our vendors to produce high-resolution, museum-quality, archival digital reproductions individually printed on special large format printers and are virtually unparalleled in quality and range of color.

Each print is printed on large format printers using a state-of-the-art 12 color pigment inkset, which provides the largest color gamut of any commercial ink ever developed. Additionally, this ink has a color permanence rating in excess of 100 years (when properly cared for, and displayed in acceptable lighting). All prints use a premium fine art grade substrate and are published on 100% acid-free archival 300gsm cotton rag paper, which has a radiant white tone and a slight watercolor texture. All prints are hand-trimmed to have either a 2" (unframed) or 3" (framed) border surrounding the image.

Do I get to see a proof?
Yes, if you would like to.

Will the print look exactly like what is seen on the site?
All prints will be based on the quality of the Art files submitted by the Artists. We strive to produce archival prints within top industry standards. Yet, due to technical variables beyond our control, we cannot guarantee an identical representation of the artwork in print as seen on the Internet.

Do you offer matting or framing?
Yes! We offer custom framing to our collectors at an affordable price. Each archival print is available for purchase with either an Ebony or Espresso solid 1.25" wood designer frame. Each framed archival print has a 3" white-on-white premium matting (non-archival), uses plexiglass, and includes mounting hardware. Frame Styles  Frame Size Chart

Who owns the copyrights to the artwork?
The Artist retains all rights to their artwork. Copyrights do not transfer to the buyer of either the original artwork or prints of the artwork according to U.S. copyright law.

What is a Limited Edition?
A Limited Edition is a limited printing of a certain artwork. Limited Edition images offered for sale on artmuse.com are available exclusively through us. The Artist and artmuse.com mutually agree to certain sizes and editions to print. Keep in mind when a Limited Edition is sold out, it is permanently closed.

What is a GCOA?
A GCOA is a Green Certificate of Authenticity and serves as a way to authenticate the printed artwork. In an effort to be as “green” as possible, artmuse.com will send a GCOA to the Collector via email. It is the same as a traditional COA, but only digital. It includes the edition number, title, date, and signature of the Artist. A GCOA is offered for each Limited Edition print purchased via artmuse.com.

How do I get updates on new Art that is showcased?
Subscribe to our weekly email newsletter to stay updated on what’s new.

I have more questions, who do I contact?
Please email artists@artmuse.com and we will respond as soon as possible.


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