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Paul Drown

Paul Drown

Paul Drown

Paul uses a Holga camera, known for its low-fidelity, to achieve his dream-like photographs. His art elicits a sense of wonder and emphasizes the beauty and the sublime that is right in front of us.

Biography I was born in the Land of Gar with its thick creeks and fish congested lakes. I spent much time outdoors looking at the roiling sky or underwater chasing crawdads and bream. When the storms forced me inside, I would draw for hours monsters and rocket ships, fast cars and bugs, lightning and storms. I wanted to be a priest, a scientist, an artist, an explorer. I moved to Austin, Texas when I was 18 where I have lived ever since. Here I found the coming together of plains, prairies, rivers, caves, swimming holes and canyons. I have studied fine art and photography, owned a restaurant, worked my urban farm, and explored the deserts of West Texas and beyond.

Statement My concern for living respectfully on this planet informs everything I do. I try to see wonder around me and share that with others. To that end I photograph, build temples for small things, design sustainable environments, and educate others on the interconnectedness of rocks, air, blood. I try to be a force of good against the indiscriminate consumption of our precious home. My sincere hope is that, as humans, we can truly see the gift we have been given.

I am influenced by the work of Andy Goldsworthy, Ansel Adams, Masahisa Fukase, Cormac McCarthy, Rebecca Solnit, Ken Wilber, Pablo Neruda and Billy Collins among many others.

The images presented here represent that wonder and concern. While not documentary in the strictest sense, I aim to capture mystery that imbues life. My art primarily focuses the ephemeral nature of existence, states of human consciousness, the impact of civilization on the planet, and the struggle of meaning. The work here has been shot using a Holga 120 camera. The Holga is a Chinese produced mass market camera with a plastic lens. The film used is Kodak Porta Vivid 160.

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