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Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson

Dave's photography has a rich color palette that is detailed, textured and ethereal. His art is imbued with a visceral quality which invite the viewer to step into the image and discover the moment.

Biography: Dave Wilson pays his mortgage as a software engineer but feeds his passion for art through photography. He was brought up in the town of Lanark in Central Scotland and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics and Engineering from the University of Glasgow. His involvement in photography began at the age of 14 when he borrowed a manual 35mm camera to document a trip to Germany. On returning, his interest grew to include black and white processing and while at university he freelanced for two local newspapers and was on the photographic team for the Glasgow University Guardian. Since leaving school, he has been active in photography groups and societies in the UK and US.

His photographic interests include architecture, landscape, still life and macro work with an emphasis on highly graphical compositions stressing bold shapes, saturated colors and accentuated texture.

Statement: Dave Wilson is an avid photographer living in the Texas Hill Country between Austin and Dripping Springs. After 20 years of 35mm editorial and art photography, he transitioned away from film in 2004 and began investigating new imaging techniques made possible by a fully digital workflow. Many of these techniques employ the blending of multiple exposures to render a single image which would be impossible to create using conventional, single-exposure methods. A large percentage of his recent images have been created using High Dynamic Range processing and are derived from between 3 and 11 different original exposures. This form of processing allows deep shadow and bright highlight detail to be displayed in a single image and also accentuates texture , detail and the play of light over the subject resulting in an appealing yet different atmosphere to the work.

He is a native of Scotland and finds himself drawn to subjects, scenes, locations and objects which symbolize Texas, the American Southwest and the United States in general.

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Exhibitions, Awards, Publications:

2009 | “Menage a Trois II” | Watson Studio Gallery | Johnson City, TX (Juried)
2009 | “Gathering of Photographers Summer Show” | Alpha and Omega Gallery | Austin, TX (Juried)
2009 | “Boots 2 Heal”, Morton Street Gallery | Richmond, TX (Juried)
2009 | “Gathering of Photographers Fall Show” | Alpha and Omega Gallery | Austin, TX (Juried)
2009 | Winner | Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk
2009 | 1st place | Austin Photography Group “Photo of the Month” (July)
2008 | Blue Goat Gourmet cafe/gallery | San Marcos, Texas (Solo exhibition)
2008 | “A View From Within” | Figurative Gallery | Austin, Texas (Juried)
2008 | 1st place | Austin Photography Group “Photo of the Month” (June)
2008 | 1st place | Austin Photography Group “Photo of the Month” (March)

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