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Bryan Natinsky

Bryan Natinsky

Bryan Natinsky

Bryan's photography captures the quiet and unsuspecting, but intricate, moments of what others might normally pass by unnoticed. The tonal quality of his images are enhanced by the open landscapes that he has photographed.

Biography: I grew up in Detroit, Michigan. Studied fine art (mainly painting and drawing) and philosophy at the University of Michigan. For six years before returning to graduate school to study architecture, I traveled and worked throughout Europe and Asia as a graphic designer, writer, English teacher; studied Mandarin in Beijing; and painted. While studying for my Master of Architecture, I rediscovered photography, taking classes with some incredible photographers at the Yale School of Art. I have been taking photographs consistently since then, sometimes working as an architect and at times focusing mainly on photography.

I have lived in New York for the last five years working as an architect and photographing the New York metropolitan area, focusing on residential neighborhoods and marginal areas in and around the New Jersey Meadowlands and the outer boroughs.

Statement: What has interested me most in the artwork that I have been making since I have returned to photography is the ability of a photograph to capture something beautiful or fascinating in the most banal landscape or moment. I am particularly drawn to the places that constitute most peoples everyday lives. The landscapes that we have become so familiar with that it no longer registers as we pass through it on our way to somewhere else; the suburb, office park, or empty lot.

Part of this is simply trying to find a subject matter that is accessible as I find it more difficult to travel to distant and exotic places because of family and work. But, even when I get the opportunity to go to Beijing or Rajasthan, which I occasionally do, I find myself gravitating to these same out of the way residential neighborhoods that I prefer explore when I am much closer to home. These are simply the landscapes that I find most revealing about a people or culture and the places where I find the most interesting photographs.

I have always made art for myself, whether drawing, painting or photography, because I enjoy it and it keeps me centered and sane. I do not have a specific viewer in mind, I take photographs that I find intriguing, but I hope they make people reexamine the places that they inhabit and no longer truly see.

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