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Lene Foss

Lene Foss

Lene Foss

As a life-long fan of National Geographic Photography, I was struck my Lene's photography capturing the Arctic landscapes. Maybe it is because the Arctic is a foreign landscape to me personally (I live in Texas), but my reactions to her images are instant. I am taken by the lighting, scenery, and beauty of the rough climate.

Biography I am a Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Tromsø and view my photo art as a another way, outside the academic institution, of being creative/developing my creativity. I have no formal schooling in photography, but have attended several courses in digital photo at Tromsø Photoclub, where I have been a member since 1998. In these years I have competed in the photo competitions and received first place as The Photographer of the Year in 2006-2007, third place in 2007-2008, and second place in 2008-2009. I exhibit my photography at the yearly exhibition “The Market” (exhibition and sales in arts, crafts, design ) in Tromsø, and on my portfolio site. I also work as a freelancer photographer for Tromsø Jazz Club.

Statement Photography is my way of keeping the memorable moments in life — nature, travel, people and atmospheres. I am thankful for the opportunity to pass on such moments — and to be in a community where such experiences and memories can be shared. Living in the Artic with the various seasons, the midnight sun, the Northern lights and the rough climate give me a setting for photographing and presenting this scenery. I always try to challenge myself, to develop new ways of capturing objects beyond a plain documentary shot. To experiment and to teach myself new ways by practising under various conditions, is my way of enjoying the creativity of photography.

As a social scientist by profession I particularly view photographing as a way of making contact with foreign cultures, beyond the traditional role as a tourist. I write narratives from my travels and will soon publish research articles based on these narratives. My future plan is to work with photo theory and to integrate photographing as a research method in my field of research.

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