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Anne Genung

Anne Genung

Anne Genung

Biography: Anne Genung is an artist living in Austin, Texas. Raised and educated in Dallas and Madrid, Anne left Texas to attend Pratt Institute and later Parsons School of Design in Manhattan, studying fashion design, graphic design, and illustration. She has additionally called Santa Fe home.

Her work is marked by graphic line use, concentrated color, and the allusion to both the traditional and the contemporary. Primarily working in oils, she paints on both canvas and found objects. Her work spans a host of subjects, including her series of color studies, from portraits and landscapes to small drawings and sewn sculptures.

Anne has spent the past five years painting commissions and hopes to gain gallery representation. And to one day be taller, faster and stronger.

Her work hangs in private homes throughout the Southwest, the East Coast, and Europe.

Statement: The 'Color Studies' series is based on an unsophisticated interplay of color upon color. The 'bubbles' are created simply with the most instinctual and natural movement for a hand: a closed line, a circle.

The intricate layering upon one another results in a spontaneous appearance and has a distinct sense of motion. The accompanying vibration of the eye has remnants in the genre of op-art and fauvism.

This series is created with oils on either canvas or found board. The process is quite time-consuming as the individual colors, adhered in layers, must be dry before any additional color is applied. The works take anywhere from 10 to 30+ days to create.

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