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About Us

It takes many people to make this all happen. All of our site contributors share a love of Art and believe everyone should have more Art in their life. Everyone at Artmuse.com supports the underlying ideology of making Art more accessible to all enjoys connecting Artists and Collectors.

Bonnie Glendinning | Founder and CEO | bonnie@artmuse.com
With an artist’s eye, designer’s know-how and her dedication to helping artists succeed, artmuse.com was launched in 2009 by Founder, Curator and Entrepreneur Bonnie Glendinning. Bonnie received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the University of Texas in Austin, is a Creative Director and Designer based in Austin, Texas. With a firm belief that art makes life more enjoyable, Bonnie launched artmuse.com to reach the widest possible audience for artists and a curated selection for collectors to easily discover and purchase.

Colleen Cassady | Strategic Development and Curator | colleen@artmuse.com
Colleen oversees the strategic development for artmuse.com and is also a contributing curator. She received her BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin and has been actively involved in visual arts for most of her life. Her artwork can be viewed at www.colleencassady.com. Her professional background is diverse and includes business development, copy writing, marketing, and entrepreneurial endeavors. As an life-long animal lover, Colleen rescues and fosters animals and finds them happy homes. She currently lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, Chris, and her dog, Tula while enjoying the outdoor life of Austin.

Reese Darby | Art Historian, Researcher, Writer | reese@artmuse.com
Raised in Cat Spring, Texas, a ranching community with a population of approximately 75 people, imagination and creativity were prerequisites for survival, and her parents always encouraged her artistic pursuits (music and art). They traveled frequently, both within the U.S. and abroad, exposing her to diverse concepts of culture, history, and art which profoundly influenced her future endeavors. With a legally blind mother and a father who was both a lawyer and photographer, it’s no wonder her own interests are so equally divided between sound and vision. Now, after 15 years in the music industry, both on stage and behind the scenes, she is pursuing her goals as an Art Historian and Writer.

Currently residing in Houston, Texas and with her background in ancient and modern art, her research focuses on the Anthropology of ancient Mesopotamian and Mesoamerican art. However, she relishes any opportunity to discuss and write about art of any time period, including the contemporary.

“I believe that art represents the collective consciousness of each era and culture, and is integral to understanding humanity as a whole. The answers to who we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going are all coded and embedded in art and visual culture, and my goal is to help decode it for those less versed in the language.”

Always inspired by Artmuse founder and curator Bonnie Glendinning, Reese is excited to join the Artmuse team and looks forward to “collaborating and conspiring” with Bonnie to promote art as an affordable and enjoyable everyday necessity.

Walter Glendinning | Bonnie’s Dad and Inspiration
From Scotland, England, Bermuda, Canada, Michigan, then to Texas, my Dad led a charmed life filled with excited determination to see the world, pursue his dreams, create a family, and make many friends along the way. He was known for his intellect, philosophical pursuit, spiritual heart, poetry, stories, compassion, friendship, quick wit, and humor. He was always ready to listen with his heart and prepared with an eye-rolling pun to make you smile. Though Dad was a complete techno-phobe, he still knew what Facebook was—pretty impressive.

Dad died at age 77 suddenly in early 2009 to everyone’s surprise and sadness. While he is greatly missed, he did inspire my desire to pursue my own dreams, resulting in artmuse.com. Since Dad didn’t have a computer, I bet he would have gone over to his friend Lewis’s house to see the website and tell him to start Collecting Art! Thanks for everything Dad.

Grant McDaniels | Web Development | helpme@artmuse.com
Grant has a high aptitude for technology, anthropology, archaeology, statistics, travelling, writing, photography, and art. Though his parents were school teachers, they still made sure on every holiday break to take he and his brother travelling. By the time he was in college, Grant had seen more of the world than most do in a lifetime. Grant is someone that is highly investigative and capable of figuring out how things work. He was known among his fellow kindergardeners for taking “unbreakable” toys apart and putting them back together. As a broke college student, he figured out how to fix his car. In more recent years, he liked eating tech manuals for snacks and actually enjoyed reading them - when they were well written.

Jennifer Shaver | Artist, Writer | editorial@artmuse.com, attn: Jennifer
Jennifer is an Artist, Writer, Musician and Mother to three children. She received an Associates of Applied Arts Degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Houston. Shortly after graduating, she moved to Denver, Colorado, where she created a guidebook for tourism for the Denver area, and jumped into writing and creating graphic ads for the book. Since moving back to Texas, Jennifer has been drafting and designing for Architects.

Always enjoying being in some area of the arts, Jennifer longs for a time to concentrate on her own personal art. She enjoys painting in different mediums, mostly acrylic, but also sketching and drawing. Music is also a big part of her life, she has played piano since age 4, some pop and Broadway, but mostly classical. Jennifer also would like to further her photography skills.

She is happy to join artmuse.com as a contributing writer — sharing with you the many wonderful Artists and Art to be seen around the world.

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