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Michelle Lohr

Michelle Lohr

Michelle Lohr

Home Austin, Texas, USA

Education BFA, University of Haifa, Israel

Medium Painting (Acrylics)

Website Michelle Lohr Art

Inspiration Nature, personal feeling, emotions, and intentions. Movement in dance and women.

Statement  My art is a channel for my expression, and, it is a vision in my mind which always has a surprise element to it. I don't like to paint specific subject matter, but like to give them my own interpretation. I mostly like to use acrylics, but, intend to pursue collage soon. I sometimes use metaphors when painting, such as "window of opportunity". I paint from my imagination and my paintings are a of pursuit of the unknown and uncertainty.

My philosophy is that the viewer should have an active role in its interpretation, and, that is why I don't paint exact things. I love it when three people each see different things in the same painting. My style I would say is modern expressive. Read Michelle's Interview here.

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