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Cheryl Finfrock

Cheryl Finfrock

Cheryl Finfrock

Home Austin, Texas, USA

Education BA in Art and English, Trinity University; Graduate Studies at UTSA; Teacher's Certificate at UT Austin.

Medium Painting

Website cherylfinfrock.com

Statement Places draw me in, perhaps just a pinhole of darkness intrigues. As the portal opens, I find secrets within where the stories are shared through a visual language of color and form.

In the beginning of our lives, the world is close and extremely personal and everything is alive. Over time we recollect and reflect on experiences triggered by the memory-etched props of a once familiar setting: the red door of a barn.

My current painting series, Secret Places, is a snapshot of recalled experiences – exploring the buried treasures of memory brought to life through human experience. Secret Places explores the cult of place, brought to life through recollected experience. Read her full interview here.

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